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pattinson_music's Journal

The Rob Pattinson Music Appreciation Community
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The official Robert Pattinson music appreciation community on LJ

Welcome to Pattinson_Music, the largest community for the appreciation of Rob's music! Membership is open and all are welcome to come share their love of Rob's music! ♥

There will be some discussions and other posts restricted to members, so we highly suggest you join pattinson_music if you want to enjoy the very best!

There are a few rules we follow here, so please read them below.

1. All posts must be related to Rob and/or music in some way. This is not the place to be posting Twilight Saga</s> news or offers for your random eBay auctions. Head over to pattinsonlife for that. Posts not related to Rob and/or his music and/or his music community will be deleted; if in doubt, PM me. There will be weekly spam posts for you to post/squee about off-topic matters.

2. If you are making a post that shares any kind of music, please lock it. If you have questions on how to do this, please PM me, otherwise the post will be deleted.

3. This is absolutely NOT the place for haters or bashing of any kind. If you do not care for Rob's music, then there's no place for you here. Please interact nicely with the other members; remember, not everyone has to share your opinion.

If you need to contact the maintainer of this community, email Jenny at pattinsonmusicappreciation@gmail.com
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